Catholic Dioceses


Russian Federation (Russia)

Metropolitan Sees (Archdioceses) (1)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
Mother of God at Moscow / Madre di Dio a MoscaRomanMother of God at MoscowCathedral of the Mother of God Former Co-Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption Basilica of St. Catherine Archbishop Pavel Pezzi, F.S.C.B. (59)
Episcopal Sees (Dioceses) (3)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
Saint Clement at Saratov / San Clemente a SaratovRomanMother of God at MoscowCathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Bishop Clemens Pickel (58)
Saint Joseph at Irkutsk / San Giuseppe a IrkutskRomanMother of God at MoscowCathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church of the Most Holy Mother of God Bishop Cyryl Klimowicz (67)
Transfiguration at Novosibirsk / Trasfigurazione a NovosibirskRomanMother of God at MoscowCathedral of the Transfiguration Bishop Joseph Werth, S.J. (67)
Apostolic Exarchates (1)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
RussiaRussianBishop Joseph Werth, S.J. (67)
Ordinariates for the Faithful of the Eastern Rite (1)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
East Europe / Europa OrientaleArmenianCathedral of the Holy Martyrs Archbishop Raphaël François Minassian (73) Archbishop Neshan Karakéhéyan, I.C.P.B. (87) LinkLink Seat in Armenia Armenia.
Apostolic Prefectures (1)AscendingRiteEcclesiastical ProvinceChurches and Bishops
Yuzhno Sakhalinsk / Ю́жно-Сахали́нскRomanChurch of St. James Bishop Cyryl Klimowicz (67)

Titular Archiepiscopal Sees (1): Nicopsis

Titular Episcopal Sees (2): Matrega, Tanais

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