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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

(Overseas Collectivitity of France France)

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Also known as: Saint-Pierre und Miquelon (Deutsch), San Pedro y Miguelón (español), Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (français), Saint-Pierre e Miquelon (Italiano, Português), Saint-Pierre i Miquelon (polski), 聖皮耶與密克隆群島(聖皮埃爾和密克隆群島) (正體中文), サンピエール島・ミクロン島 (日本語), Sanctus Petrus et Michæl ille Magnus (latine)

Continent: North America

Capital: Saint-Pierre

Neighbouring Countries: Canada Canada

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Roman Rite (1): La Rochelle–Saintes

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Statistics (2021.12.31)

Catholic Population: 5,000 Catholics (83.3% of 6,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 2 parishes

Clergy: 2 bishops (titular), 2 priests (1 diocesan, 1 religious)

Non-Clergy: 5 religious (sisters)


Area: 242 km²

Population: 5,533

Religions: Roman Catholic 99%, others 1%

Languages: French (official)

Ethnic Groups: Basques and Bretons (French fishermen)

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