Catholic Dioceses


Republic of Niger (Niger)

Ecclesiastical Provinces (1)AscendingTypeChurches and Bishops
Metr. Archdiocese NiameyMetr. ArchdioceseCathédrale Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours Archbishop Djalwana Laurent Lompo (56) Bishop Guy Armand Romano, C.SS.R. (85) Archbishop Michel Christian Cartatéguy, S.M.A. (71)
Diocese MaradiDioceseCathédrale Notre-Dame de Lourdes Bishop Ambroise Ouédraogo (74)
Sui juris Jurisdictions (1)AscendingTypeChurches and Bishops
Diocese Annunciation of Ibadan (Maronite Rite)DioceseChurch of Our Lady of the Annunciation Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (65) Seat in Nigeria Nigeria.

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