Catholic Dioceses


Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar)

Ecclesiastical Provinces (3)AscendingTypeChurches and Bishops
MandalayMetr. ArchdioceseSacred Heart Cathedral Archbishop Marco Tin Win (59) Archbishop Paul Zinghtung Grawng (81) Archbishop Nicholas Mang Thang (75)
BanmawDioceseCathedral of St. Patrick Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam (65)
HakhaDioceseCathedral of St. Joseph Bishop Lucius Hre Kung (60)
KalayDioceseCathedral of St. Mary Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang (59)
LashioDioceseCathedral of the Sacred Heart Bishop Philip Lasap Za Hawng (74)
MyitkyinaDioceseSt. Columban’s Cathedral Bishop Francis Daw Tang (72)
TaunggyiMetr. ArchdioceseSt. Joseph’s Cathedral Archbishop Basilio Athai (62) Archbishop Matthias U Shwe (75)
KengtungDioceseCathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Bishop Peter Louis Cakü (67) Bishop Abraham Than (91)
LoikawDioceseChrist the King Cathedral Bishop Sephen Tjephe (63) Bishop Sotero Phamo (75)
PekhonDioceseCathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Bishop Peter Hla (67)
Taungngu / TaungooDioceseCathedral of the Sacred Heart Bishop Isaac Danu (71)
YangonMetr. ArchdioceseCathedral of the Immaculate Conception Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, S.D.B. (70) Bishop John Saw Yaw Han (50)
Hpa-anDioceseCathedral of St. Francis Xavier Bishop Justin Saw Min Thide (68)
MawlamyineDioceseHoly Family Cathedral Bishop Raymond Saw Po Ray (70)
PatheinDioceseSt. Peter’s Cathedral Bishop John Hsane Hgyi (65)
PyayDioceseSt. Paul’s Cathedral Bishop Alexander Pyone Cho (69) Bishop Gregory Taik Maung (72) Bishop Gregory Taik Maung (72)

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