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Republic of Guinea (Guinea)


Also known as: la Guinée (français), Guinea (Deutsch, español, Italiano, latine), Gwinea (polski), Guiné (Português), 幾內亞 (正體中文), ギニア (日本語)

Formerly: French Guinea

Continent: Western and Northern Africa

Capital: Conakry

Neighbouring Countries: Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau, ↖ Senegal Senegal, ↗ Mali Mali, → Cote d’Ivoire Cote d’Ivoire, ↘ Liberia Liberia, ↓ Sierra Leone Sierra Leone

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Metropolitan Sees (Archdioceses) Metr. Archdiocese (1)

Episcopal Sees (Dioceses) Diocese (4)

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Roman Rite (4): Conakry, Guéckédou, Kankan, N’Zérékoré

Maronite Church (1): Annunciation of Ibadan

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Apostolic Nunciature: Guinea Archbishop Jean-Sylvain Emien Mambé (52)

Conference of Bishops: Conférence Episcopale de la Guinée Bishop Raphaël Balla Guilavogui (58)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa (R.E.C.O.W.A.) Bishop Alexis Touabli Youlo (63)

CardinalsCardinals (1 elector/1 total)

Cardinal Robert Sarah (78)Robert Sarah (78)

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Statistics (2021.12.31)

Catholic Population: 311,000 Catholics (2.4% of 12,907,000 total)

Pastoral Centres: 74 parishes, 73 mission stations (without resident priest), 27 other centres

Clergy: 4 bishops (3 diocesan, 1 titular), 194 priests (163 diocesan, 31 religious)

Non-Clergy: 168 religious (26 brothers, 142 sisters), 132 major seminarians, 2 missionaries, 1,046 catechists


Area: 245,717 km²

Population: 12,413,867

Religions: Muslim 86.2%, Christian 9.7%, animist/other/none 4.1%

Languages: French (official)

Ethnic Groups: Fulani (Peul) 32.1%, Malinke 29.8%, Susu 19.8%, Guerze 6.2%, Kissi 4.7%, Toma 2.8%, other/no answer 4.6%

Motto: Travail, Justice, Solidarité (French) (Work, Justice, Solidarity)

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