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(Dependency of Denmark Denmark)

Also known as: Grönland (Deutsch), Groenlandia (español, Italiano, latine), Groenland (français), Grenlandia (polski), Gronelândia (Português), 格陵蘭 (正體中文), グリーンランド (日本語)

Continent: North America

Capital: Nuuk

Population: 57,728

Area: 2,166,086 km²

Religions: Evangelical Lutheran, traditional Inuit spiritual beliefs

Languages: Greenlandic (East Inuit) (official), Danish (official), English

Neighbouring Countries: Canada Canada, → Svalbard and Jan Mayen Svalbard and Jan Mayen, → Iceland Iceland

Circumscriptions (1): Dioceses (1)

Roman Rite (1): København

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