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Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)


Also known as: Schweiz (Deutsch), Suiza (español), la Suisse (français), Svizzera (Italiano), Szwajcaria (polski), Suíça (Português), 瑞士 (正體中文), スイス (日本語), Helvetia (latine)

Continent: West Europe

Capital: Berne

Population: 8,061,516

Area: 39,770 km²

Patron Saints: St. Gall, St. Nicholas of Flüe

Religions: Roman Catholic 38.2%, Protestant 26.9%, Muslim 4.9%, other Christian 5.7%, other 1.6%, none 21.4%, unspecified 1.3%

Languages: German (official) 64.9%, French (official) 22.6%, Italian (official) 8.3%, Serbo-Croatian 2.5%, Albanian 2.6%, Portuguese 3.4%, Spanish 2.2%, English 4.6%, Romansch (official) 0.5%, other 5.1%

Motto: Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (Latin) (One for all, all for one)

Neighbouring Countries: France France, ↑ Germany Germany, → Austria Austria, → Liechtenstein Liechtenstein, ↓ Italy Italy

Circumscriptions (10): Dioceses (8), Territorial Abbacies (2)

Roman Rite (9): Annecy, Basel, Chur, Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg, Lugano, Maria Einsiedeln, Saint-Maurice d’Agaune, Sankt Gallen, Sion

Ukrainian Church (1): Saint-Vladimir-le-Grand de Paris

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Papal Visits

Apostolic Nunciature: Switzerland Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson (67)

Holy See Representation: Office of the United Nations and Specialized Institutions in Geneva (UNOG) Link Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič (66)

Holy See Representation: World Trade Organization (WTO) Link Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič (66)

Holy See Representation: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Link Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič (66)

Conference of Bishops: Conférence des Evêques Suisses (C.E.S.) Link Bishop Charles Morerod, O.P. (56)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Commissio Episcopatuum Communitatis Europææ (COM.E.C.E.) Link Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J. (59)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Consilium Conferentiarum Episcopalium Europæ (C.C.E.E.) Link Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (75)

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