Chinese Regional Bishops’ Conference

Conference of Bishops

Also known as: 天主教台灣地區主教團 (正體中文)

Country: Taiwan Taiwan

Address: 39 An Ju Street, Taan District, Taipei 10672, Taiwan

Phone: +886 (2) 2732.6602

Website: Link


Present Officials

President (2020.05.25 [2020.07.01] – ...):Bishop John Baptist Lee Keh-mien (64)Bishop John Baptist Lee Keh-mien (李克勉) (64)

Bishop of Hsinchu 新竹 (Taiwan)

Vice-President (2020.05.25 [2020.07.01] – ...):Archbishop Thomas Chung An-zu (70)Archbishop Thomas Chung An-zu (鍾安住) (70)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Taipei 臺北 (Taiwan)

General Secretary (2009.04.27 – ...):Fr. Otfried ChenFr. Otfried Chen (陳科)

Past Officials

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