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International and National Shrines

West Europe
Austria Austria1National Shrine
Belgium Belgium1National Shrine
France France3National Shrine
Gibraltar Gibraltar1National Shrine
Ireland Ireland1National Shrine
Italy Italy2International Shrine
Malta Malta1National Shrine
Portugal Portugal1International Shrine 1National Shrine
Spain Spain3National Shrine
United Kingdom United Kingdom4National Shrine
East Europe
Albania Albania1National Shrine
Belarus Belarus1National Shrine
Croatia Croatia2National Shrine
Czechia Czechia1National Shrine
Latvia Latvia1International Shrine
Poland Poland3International Shrine 3National Shrine
Slovakia Slovakia1National Shrine
Slovenia Slovenia1National Shrine
North America
Canada Canada8National Shrine
Mexico Mexico2National Shrine
United States United States65National Shrine
Central America
Costa Rica Costa Rica1National Shrine
Cuba Cuba3National Shrine
El Salvador El Salvador1National Shrine
Guatemala Guatemala3National Shrine
Honduras Honduras1National Shrine
Nicaragua Nicaragua1National Shrine
Panama Panama1National Shrine
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico1National Shrine
South America
Argentina Argentina1National Shrine
Brazil Brazil4National Shrine
Chile Chile1National Shrine
Ecuador Ecuador6National Shrine
Paraguay Paraguay1National Shrine
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago1National Shrine
Uruguay Uruguay5National Shrine
Venezuela Venezuela3National Shrine
South and East Asia
China China2National Shrine
India India1International Shrine 2National Shrine
Japan Japan1National Shrine
Philippines Philippines19National Shrine
South Korea South Korea1National Shrine
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2National Shrine
Taiwan Taiwan2National Shrine
Vietnam Vietnam1National Shrine
Central and Southwest Asia
Lebanon Lebanon1National Shrine
Australia Australia4National Shrine
Eastern and Central Africa
Congo-Kinshasa Congo-Kinshasa1National Shrine

Total: National Shrine 8 International Shrines, National Shrine 171 National Shrines

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