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Bishop (2015.11.27 – ...):Bishop Héctor Felipe Vila (60)Bishop Héctor Felipe Vila (60)

Churches (23)

Anchorage–Juneau (←), Fairbanks (↖), Mackenzie–Fort Smith (→), Grouard–McLennan (↘), Prince George (↓)
Cities (Yukon)Churches (15) Ascending
Faro, YTChurch of the Apostles Apostles Locate
Mayo, YTChurch of Christ the King Christ the King Locate
Teslin, YTChurch of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Immaculate Heart of Mary Locate
Beaver Creek, YTChurch of Our Lady of Grace Our Lady of Grace Locate
Burwash Landing, YTChurch of Our Lady of the Rosary Our Lady of the Rosary Locate
Haines Junction, YTChurch of Our Lady of the Way Our Lady of the Way Locate
Upper Liard, YTChurch of Our Lady of the Yukon Our Lady of the Yukon Locate
Whitehorse, YTChurch of Our Lady of Victory Our Lady of Victory Locate
Whitehorse, YTSacred Heart Cathedral Sacred Heart (Cathedral) Locate
Watson Lake, YTChurch of St. Ann St. Ann Locate
Whitehorse, YTCommunauté francophone Saint-Eugène-de-Mazenod Saint-Eugène-de-Mazenod (French) Locate
French Community of St. Eugene de Mazenod
Carcross, YTChurch of St. John the Baptist St. John the Baptist Locate
Carmacks, YTChurch of St. Jude St. Jude Locate
Dawson City, YTChurch of St. Mary St. Mary Locate
Ross River, YTChurch of St. Michael St. Michael Locate
Cities (British Columbia)Churches (8) Ascending
Lower Post, BCMission of the Holy Family Holy Family Locate
Iskut, BCChurch of Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of Fatima Locate
Fort Nelson, BCChurch of Our Lady of Sorrows Our Lady of Sorrows Locate
Mile 295, BCChurch of the Sacred Heart Sacred Heart
Atlin, BCChurch of St. Joseph St. Joseph Locate
Dease Lake, BCChurch of St. Mary Magdalene St. Mary Magdalene Locate
Prophet River, BCChurch of St. Paul St. Paul Locate
Telegraph Creek, BCChurch of St. Theresa St. Theresa Locate

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