Jubilee Shrines in Chuncheon 춘천

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

Churches with Doors of Mercy
1South KoreaChuncheon 춘천시, Gangwon-do 강원도Jungnim-dong Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Jungnim-dong Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Locate
죽림동 주교좌 성당
Pilgrimage Churches
2South KoreaPocheon 포천시, Gyeonggi-do 경기도Pocheon Church Pocheon Church Locate
포천 성당
3South KoreaChuncheon 춘천시, Gangwon-do 강원도Gomsil Church Gomsil Church Locate
곰실 성당
4South KoreaHuimang-ri 희망리, Gangwon-do 강원도Hongcheon Church Hongcheon Church Locate
홍천 성당
5South KoreaSindae-ri 신대리, Gangwon-do 강원도Pallotine Church Pallotine Church Locate
6South KoreaSeongnae-ri 성내리, Gangwon-do 강원도Yangyang Church Yangyang Church Locate
양양 성당
7South KoreaGangneung 강릉시, Gangwon-do 강원도Imdangdong Church Imdangdong Church Locate
임당동 성당

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