Cathedral of the Virgin of Mercy

Кафедральний Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці

Donetsk (Донецьк), Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine


Jurisdiction: Ukrainian Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donets’k

Location: within the territory of the Roman Diocese of Kharkiv–Zaporizhia


Type: Eastern-Rite Cathedral Cathedral

Rite: Ukrainian (Byzantine)


History: cons. 2003.08.03

Patron: BVM Mercy


Location: 8GWV2Q57+CW Google Maps

Address: пр-т Васнєцова, 2Б, Donetsk (Донецьк), Donetsk Oblast 83087

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Telephone: (062) 385-47-66


GCatholic Church ID: 5278


Archiepiscopal Exarch: Bishop Stephan Meniok, C.SS.R. (73)Bishop Stephan Meniok, C.SS.R. (73)

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